The Worst DUI Excuses Ever Heard

The Worst DUI Excuses Ever Heard

Regardless of how many drinks you have had or how drunk you feel, you should never sit behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. You cannot justify this poor decision even if you think you have a valid reason. So if you are ever in a situation where you are pulled over after having a few drinks, do not use any of these excuses; they will not work in your favor:

“I only had a few drinks.”

If you think you can justify driving under the influence, you may want to stop and think again. Countless studies show that reaction times, motor skills, depth perception, and other crucial skills worsen with alcohol consumption. Therefore, regardless of whether you feel drunk after one or two drinks, you should never sit behind the wheel and start the car.

“I pulled over to sleep it off.”

If you use this excuse on an officer, you are essentially turning yourself in. You are telling the officer that you knew you were too drunk to drive, so you decided to pull over and “sleep it off.” Simply moving your car from one parking spot to another in the same lot is enough to be convicted of a DUI.

“I did not want to leave my vehicle.”

Think this through, would you prefer a parking ticket or a DUI conviction? Before driving your car drunk, run this question through your head. It will put things into perspective. Before a night of drinking, you should always have a safe and secure plan for getting home.


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