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At Dizik, Faber & Kaplan, attorneys Jordan S. Dizik, Joshua A. Faber, and Joshua A. Kaplan, bring a proven legal pedigree and dedicated advocacy to the issues facing individuals, businesses and families throughout Metro Detroit. 

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Every moment matters when your legal rights and financial interests are on the line. Working with an experienced attorney can help you take the right steps in approaching your case and protecting what matters most to you.

At DFK Law Group, attorneys Jordan S. Dizik, Joshua A. Faber, and Joshua A. Kaplan guide clients through a wide variety of legal issues in the practice areas of business law, criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. You can rely on them to effectively resolve complex legal issues through negotiation and litigation.

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Serving Clients in Birmingham, MI & The Detroit Metropolitan Area

No one wants to contact a lawyer. In general, needing the help of a lawyer means something has gone wrong of your rights are being threatened. Whether you face the threat of jail, a divorce, the aftermath of an injury, or damage to your business, you can rely on the legal experts at DFK to handle your case with an emphasis on protecting what matters most.

Knowing what to expect from the legal process can put your mind at ease as your case progresses. You can rely on us to answer your questions, inform you of your options, and advocate for you every step of the way.

When you know what to expect, you do not need to fear the courtroom. Protect your liberties and defend yourself from the accusations facing you. Call DFK today for a free consultation. 

Experienced Family, Criminal & Business Lawyers

Client Testimonials

Jared G.
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11 months ago Mr. Kaplan was honest, upfront, patient with my questions and extremely knowledgable. He worked with me throughout my case, always answered when I called, and fought for me through a difficult matter with amazing results. I highly recommend Mr. Kaplan!
Devonna Snow
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Dizik Law Firm dedicated to family law, including matters concerning child custody, child support, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. They handle all types of divorce cases, including cases involving significant assets, businesses and other complex financial matters. You can rely on Jordan to zealously protect your interests while providing you with the information you need to choose the path forward that is best for you.
Catherine Kelly
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Jordan is thoughtful and kind in his approach to law. He cares about his client’s as people first! Which I think is a rare quality to find in lawyers! If you are looking for someone with both integrity and compassion, reach out to Jordan and The Dizik Law Firm.
Matthew Carter
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Without a doubt one of the best family attorneys! Jordan is kind and easy to talk with but will fight for you without hesitation. I recommend him to anyone struggling to find a family law attorney.
(248) 712-1056