Top Causes of Car Accidents

Although unfortunate, most people will face at least one car accident during their lifetime. These accidents may be minor or major and result in life-threatening injuries. Click this link to learn the top fifteen. If you find yourself in a major car accident resulting in personal injury, call The Kaplan Law Firm at 248.388.8617.

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

The restoration of a Michigan driver’s license is not always an easy task. You may have to attend a hearing, go to court, or even retake a licensing exam. Our team can help you check all of these boxes and fight for your license restoration. Contact us today at 248.388.8617 to set up a free […]

Drive Safe this Memorial Day Weekend

Did you know that you are four times as likely to get into a fatal car accident over Memorial Day weekend as opposed to any other regular weekend? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that Memorial Day has an average of 312 traffic fatalities per year. That is more than they found for Labor […]

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